We take the essence of our exotic nature with great care and respect, to bring it in the cleanest and most unaltered way possible to each of our products.

Proudly made in Putumayo

Kattalei, Amazonian products and Natural Cosmetics for skin and hair care

Naturally Exotic

At Kattalei we manufacture personal care and cosmetic products made with natural ingredients from our Colombian Amazon that are easy to apply, with high performance that promote people’s well-being; created with environmental and social awareness.

Our products are biodegradable.

Kattalei Productos y Cosmética Natural para el Cuidado de la Piel y el Cabello
Sostenibilidad Social r

Social Sustainability

Sin Crueldad Animal r 1

No Animal Cruelty

100Colombiano r

100% Colombian

Riqueza Amazonica r

Amazon Wealth

From the Amazon, directly to your skin

All our products are completely natural, sustainable and of great quality. Thanks to our innovative processes, we manage to extract the best from plants for your well-being.

We are a 100% Colombian company located at the gate of the Amazon, our production plant located in the city of Mocoa, Department of Putumayo is certified by INVIMA as is each of our products.

we take care of animals

Neither to extract nor to test our products. Our products are 100% animal cruelty free.

social sustainability

We work with ancestral communities. We follow fair trade policies.

Ancient Wisdom

The knowledge about our Amazonian nature treasured by our ancestors is added to our advanced and conscious science and technology.

Some of our ingredients

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